Juha Rouvinen

Professor, University of Eastern Finland, Department of Chemistry

Juha is one of the founders of Desentum. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Joensuu. He started his career at the University of Uppsala, determining the first three-dimensional crystal structure of cellulase. Since 1990 he has held positions at the University of Joensuu and the Academy of Finland until 2001 when he was appointed professor in organic chemistry, especially structural studies of biomolecules, at the University of Joensuu. He has published approximately 100 papers in refereed scientific journals.

Juha's research area is structural biology, especially protein crystallography. His group has solved a number of protein crystal structures important for different biotechnological applications as well as for biomedicine. In 2008 his group published the structure of allergen-IgE/(Fab) immunocomplex, being the first group in the world to show a complete IgE epitope for an allergen. 

In 2007-2009 Juha was a dean of the Faculty of the Science, University of Joensuu. Now he is a member of the University Collegiate Body of the University of Eastern Finland. He is also a member of Biocenter Kuopio (BCK) and responsible for structural biology core facility at BCK.